Artist Bio

Born in Victoria, Canada, Adrianna Edwards is an artist that embodies diversity, not just in her music but also in her personal life. Born to a Canadian mother with Scottish heritage and a West Indian father, from the island of Trinidad, she was brought up in a musical household. Her father was a steel pan player and a songwriter-composer. Her mother would take her to plays and musicals from a young age, and it was here where Adrianna developed a love for music and the arts.

Even from a little girl, Adrianna was heavily interested in the arts, experimenting with violin, saxophone, flute and choir. She is also a dancer, training throughout high school where she began to train up to four hours daily. At age 12, Adrianna started writing poetry, and over time, those poems began to form accompanying melodies and it was then that her songwriting skill began to blossom.

After high school, Adrianna moved to Vancouver, BC where she got her first agent and began to work in the film and fashion industries. In addition to her music, her film and fashion connections took her to various countries around the world for work.

Adrianna describes her sound as electronic house/dance music with a fusion of soulful vocals and an international feel. The variation in her genres is a direct reflection of her diverse background and life experiences.

In 2015, she was featured on a single What You Do to Me, with the Soulshakers – a house/dance record that hit #12 on the music week commercial pop charts. The single also topped the Kings of Spin Top 20 charts at #1 and was added to their CD Pool compilation album. Dj Dino of Pulse FM describes her vocals as “Amazing”.

When asked about her music and songwriting, Adrianna says “Sometimes the best way for me to express myself to others, and even to know how I am feeling myself is to write it down, sing about it and get it out”. Adrianna currently lives in the UK and is working on her upcoming releases. She hopes to inspire people to dance and feel good and wants them to be able to relate to her lyrically through stories and melodies.